Zelin Seah
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia , 1980
My works capture features of this era, centered on socio-economic and political concerns. I believe personal things and living space constitute one’s life. I connect figure, object and space in layered black, white lines and colours, to explore the state of Malaysian’s life. “Deluge” is the theme of my current series. In economic and political ecology, keywords like: floods, tsunami and collapse are often in use. I misappropriated IKEA publicity pictures, depicting minimalist interior scene in floods and erosion. This is to reflect on the consumption patterns of globalization, which Malaysian’s identity increasingly blurred; lifestyle and value are being assimilated.

Thumb zelin seah
Head slide zelin seah artwork1
Figure in Sofa 2
Oil on linen , 168 x 182 cm , 2011
Head slide zelin seah artwork2
Figure in Treadmill
Oil on linen , 183 x 183 cm , 2011
Head slide zelin seah artwork3
Figures in Bathroom
Oil on linen , 180 x 158 cm , 2012


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