Sabri Idrus
Kedah, Malaysia , 1971
Sabri Idrus is obsessed with experimental approaches in combining painting, graphic design and industrial materials to achieve a liberated socio-cultural dogma towards reinventing a new form of symbol in art. Sabri’s interest lies in his development of body of works that tries to unfold his critical notion towards the social condition and the parody against institutions that secures that definition between painting and crafting painting. His belief in art making, especially paintings as an inherent social process that submerged him in technical and material advancement through experiments. His portfolio ranging not only from painting works, but also publication and graphic design, multimedia and video production, installation and sculpture.

Thumb sabri idrus
Head slide sabri idrus artwork1
Mixed media on canvas , 178 x 229 cm , 2013
Head slide sabri idrus artwork2
Di Antara
Mixed media on canvas , 178 x 230 cm , 2012


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