Kow Leong Kiang
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia , 1970
The first Malaysian artist to receive the prestigious Philip Morris ASEAN Art Award in 1998. Kow Leong Kiang began his career focussing on subjects in the North Eastern State of Peninsular Malaysia, where the artist’s iconic works of young Malay girl first emerged. Kow now focuses his attention on his male counterpart presenting a series of young men against a similar coastal backdrop. Characteristically romantic and wishful each figures is a portrayal of the enigmatic and raw qualities of the rural Malay man. Kow also infuses a sense of emotional conflict and frustration within their silent contemplations. Perhaps this is due to their deep connection to landscape, which is the heart of their identity and livelihood.

Thumb kow 1
Head slide kow leong kiang artwork1
Putu II
Oil on linen , 200 x 145 cm , 2008
Head slide kow leong kiang artwork2
Soft Figures 4
Oil on canvas , 220 x 220 cm , 2011
Head slide kow leong kiang artwork3
Oil on linen , 200 x 145 cm , 2008


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