Chong Siew Ying
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia , 1969
Diaspora and indentity are the recurrent themes within my work. Being born in post-independence multi-ethic Malaysia to Chinese Malaysian parents, I’ve been submersed in a multitude of languages and cultures; Hakka at home, Mandarin at school, Malaysian and English with friends and acquaintances, and French in Europe. I went to France in my youth to further my creative education and lived in Paris for more than 10 years. In 2009, I shifted gradually from working mostly with oil painting to charcoal drawing and from human figure to landscape as the subject. I’m not quite sure of the reason for this change. It’s the result from some experiments, of which I felt very close to my heart and I follow my intuition. By rendering a layer of acrylic medium to the charcoal drawing, it make the appearance quite similar to that of Chinese Ink Painting, and yet it’s different. These landscapes are from my imagination. It’s drawn from my experience and my understanding of the world; an amalgamation of European and Asian ideals that reflect an internal search for identity. I’m not simply trying to replicate reality, nor to imitate the past. I’m seeking a truth that exists in essence...

Thumb chong siew ying
Head slide chong siew ying artwork1
A Thousand Year
Charcoal and acrylic medium on paper mounted canvas , 138 x 200 cm , 2012
Head slide chong siew ying artwork3
The Gift of Rain
Charcoal and acrylic medium on paper mounted canvas , 210 x 414 cm (3 panels) , 2013


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