Chee Eng Hong
Taiping, Perak, Malaysia , 1963
“I want the viewers to dissect the values these mythical heroes and historical figures hold in their days and judge for themselves if they are still relevant to the current corrupt society. All the stories are thematic, reflected through proverb and poetry – culminating in the work of Rehab, My Foot! In this venue, an old but significant piece of historical remnant, I take example of a pride of place created by the owner. How proud he must have felt when he first built this house, and how it has been left unattended and reduced to this dilapidated state. The house probably bore silent witness to the events that shaped the owner’s generation, experienced his dreams for it. It is a situation that mimics what our forefathers have dreamt for us, their future generation, only to have their aspirations and sacrifices shattered by some of our apathy and blind pride.”

Thumb chee eng hong
Head slide chee eng hong artwork3
Mixed media on canvas , 132 x 152 cm , 2010
Head slide chee eng hong artwork1
Mak Cekek
Mixed media on canvas , 152 x 132 cm , 2009
Head slide chee eng hong artwork2
Sang Froid 1
Mixed media on canvas , 193 x 173 cm , 2009
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