Azli Wahid
Batu Pahat, Malaysia , 1985
Azli Wahid is a sculptor who untilizes materials from nature. The process of civilization, culture and history of the past serve as a reference in the field of archeology and engineering. His work experiments the relationship between material and its technical experimentation. The process of production, delivery and the audience’s response becomes the main subject of his art presentation. He works mainly with wood and stone is the basic medium. The exploitation of resources and its constant struggle to meet the requirements to meet the need to continue the process of life has been ongoing since prehistoric times. The pace of the ever-growing concrete jungle inspires him in interpreting these materials into his work.

Thumb azli wahid hires
Head slide stone shoes  kasut adidas  2010  granite and copper  18cm x 20cm x 26cm
Stone Shoes; Kasut Adidas
Granite & copper , 48 x 20 x 26 cm , 2010
Head slide stone shoes  kasut sekolah ii  2011  limestone  38cm x 16cm x 15cm
Stone Shoes; kasut Sekolah II
Limestone , 38 x 16 x 15 cm , 2011
Head slide stone shoes  kasut pejabat  2012  limestone  36cm x 19cm x 16cm
Stone Shoes; Kasut Pejabat
Limestone , 38 x 16 x 15 cm , 2011
Head slide stone shoes  kasut lusuh  2013  limestone  27cm x 14cm x 12cm
Stone Shoes; Kasut Lusuh
Limestone , 27 x 14 x 12 cm , 2013


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