Andrew Chong Boon Pok
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia , 1964
Devoting attentiveness to the everyday is central to my art practice. The everyday that I refer to is the trivial, ordinary and inconsequential objects and activities that people tend to take for granted. Besides assembling everyday objects into sculptural forms and installations, part of my work involves using food and cooking to perform and interact with people visiting my exhibition. My studio practice operates within subjects, time and space using the everyday and engages aspects of mindfulness, self, memories, social, cultural and symbolic form. My cultural upbringing and life experience are often revisited, examined and evidenced in my work.

Thumb pok chong boon
Head slide pok chong boon artwork1
Used shoes , 365 x 200 cm , 2009
Head slide pok chong boon artwork2
Circumrotation (detail)
Used shoes , 365 x 200 cm , 2009


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