Ahmad Shukri Mohd
Kelantan, Malaysia , 1969
The paintings of Ahmad Shukri identify and nurture the individual in a culture increasingly directed towards the collective. His paintings sing with the polish and confidence of an extremely accomplished artist. They are paintings that resonate with the cohesive intellectual process of a professional. They’re presented with an adroit understanding of the world around us. Shukri is successfully reducing the effects of globalism in a regional cul-d-sac by using a universal visual language that speaks about this place. This is the overriding concern of Shukri - to engage with the everyday, here. We can be sure; Ahmad Shukri is leading this vision in Malaysian contemporary art practice.

Thumb shukri mohd
Head slide miracle
Mixed media on canvas , 203 x 203 cm , 2012
Head slide the great wallpaper series  chandelier  2010 mixed media on canvas 244cm x 182cm
The Great Wallpaper Series ' Chandelier'
Mixed media on canvas , 244 x 182 cm , 2010


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